Our Story

Burst of Arabia Gift Boxes
When looking for a present for a loved one, have you ever wondered why you can’t find an incredible authentic gift box? Us too! That is why we created Burst of Arabia; the first Arabian themed gift box portal in the United Arab Emirates. We pride ourselves on showcasing all this beautiful region has to offer.

Here at Burst of Arabia, we believe gifts should come from the heart, celebrating love for friends or that special someone through carefully curated local products. We started our business, not only to highlight the incredible goods available from community suppliers but to provide an authentic experience for our clients. Our handpicked selection offers the highest quality of products, focusing on the clean, authentic, and luxurious items.
Our vision, from the very beginning, was to provide gift boxes for all varieties of occasion. Whether a cozy night in or a vibrant morning routine, we wanted to ensure all of our clients’ gift giving needs were being met. We offer a unique variety of products to give that special someone or to treat yourself for a relaxing weekend. Each gift box has been researched and selected based on mood and activities that we think will suit a number of lifestyles.
At Burst of Arabia we take pride in building relationships with amazing local suppliers. Our partners are as passionate about quality and authenticity as we are. Every item is chosen with the utmost care to ensure that the product support our values and themes. Just like us, our suppliers focus on natural ingredients that highlight the incredible abundance of aromas and tastes of the UAE. From the enticing smell of Oud to the diverse uses of the date plant, our partners know how to use the many riches of this area to bring you the epitome of luxury.