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Personalized Birthstone Necklace - Fast Delivery Across UAE
Choose from yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold to perfectly match her style and personality. Our bracelets are designed to dazzle and delight, making them the ideal luxurious gift for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, or Mother's Day.
Gold Birthstone Name Necklace Personalized, designed and handcrafted in the UAE.
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Dazzle in Gold: Explore our Exquisite Birthstone Necklaces Collection!

Embark on a journey through the allure of birthstone jewelry designed for celebrating life's special moments. In this article, we'll delve into the significance of wearing birthstones on special occasions and explore how these exquisite pieces add a touch of luxury to your memorable events.

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Simple yet eye-catching, this gold Alphabet gold name necklace with birthstone is a stylish look anyone will appreciate. Whether you’re treating yourself or hunting for a unique, priceless and luxurious anniversary or birthday gift, our gold jewelry collections allow you to wonderfully express what's in your heart. Handcrafted in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Luxury Birthstone Necklaces

Top Anniversary Gifts for Women

Step into the world of sophistication with birthstone necklaces. From the timeless elegance of Diamonds to the vibrant hues of Emeralds, from the fiery passion of Rubies to the calming influence of Sapphires, these 18 carat gold necklaces symbolize love and commitment. Consider the Alphabet Birthstone Name Necklace – a fusion of classic design and modern elegance.

Gold Butterfly Initial Necklace
18K Gold initial letter necklace - made in real solid gold.

Birthstone Jewelry for Special Occasions

Top Birthday Gifts for Her: Birthstone Initial Necklace

Explore the curated Special Occasion Collection designed for those extraordinary moments in life. From birthdays to promotions, each piece is thoughtfully crafted to complement the joy and significance of the occasion. Adorn yourself with elegance and celebrate every moment in style.

Initial Birthstone Necklace
Initial letter birthstone bracelet, anniversary gift for women, birthday gift for her. Handcrafted in Dubai, UAE.

Burst of Arabia: Your Destination for Customized Gold Jewelry

Valentine's Day: Declarations of Love through Birthstones

As Valentine's Day approaches, the allure of Birthstone Jewelry intensifies. What better way to declare love than with a gemstone symbolizing the birth of a beautiful love story? A gold birthstone necklace or bracelet becomes an intimate expression of emotions.

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Gold Zodiac Horoscope Birthstone Necklace Designed and handcrafted in the UAE.

Celestial Love: The Journey Through the Zodiac

A Luxury Gift For Her

Meticulously crafted to resonate with the energy and characteristics of her specific astrological sign. Your special occasion deserves the personalized touch of a birthstone aligned with her zodiac.

Zodiac Birthstone Necklace

Personalized Jewelry: Birthstone Jewelry to Celebrate in Style

Birthstone Jewelry - Do you know? By wearing birthstone jewelry, you can connect deeply with yourself and invite wisdom and calmness. It is also said that wearing your loved one’s birthstone can provide you comfort and solace. Don’t believe us? Check out Burst of Arabia’s exquisite gold birthstone jewelry collection, where each piece radiates timeless shine and whispers a unique story. Whether you are searching for birthstone jewelry for self-gifting or to give someone special, you can explore our curated collection to make and feel the difference! 

Birthstone Necklaces for Graduations

Mark life's achievements and milestones with birthstone necklaces. The Our Collection of personalized jewelry captures the essence of accomplishment, blending the significance of birthstones with the excitement of new beginnings. Elevate your graduation attire with a piece that tells your unique story.

Birthstone Bracelets for Career Achievements

Commemorate career milestones with the sophistication of birthstone bracelets. Our Bracelet Collection offers exquisite designs suitable for the boardroom or celebratory events. Each bracelet is a testament to your achievements and dedication to excellence.

Shop Affordable & Luxury Birthstone Jewelry Online | Wear or Gift!

Imagine a piece of jewelry adorned with the timeless allure of gold and the ethereal shine of your birthstone - Unveiling the heart-melting appeal of our Birthstone jewelry collection. Whether you want a simple gold birthstone pendant necklace, luxury birthstone bracelet, or classic birthstone earrings, we have everything to suit your personal style and elevate your personality. Meticulously crafted with premium 18k gold, our stunning birthstone jewelry not only adds a touch of elegance but also serves as a reminder of “Who you are” and crafts a connection to your birth month.

Our delicate birthstone jewelry is perfect to elevate your everyday look and stand out at events. Seeking a more personalized touch? Consider customizing your birthstone jewelry with your or your loved one's initial, name, birth flower, or butterfly to craft a piece that is truly personal and special for you!

In addition to that, if you are looking for a perfect and meaningful gift to celebrate the special date with your special woman, our elegant and statement birthstone jewelry is the ultimate choice. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any special date on the calendar, this year makes her feel truly special by embracing her individuality. Whether you choose a birthstone bracelet with her iconic name or a birthstone necklace with her initials, our birthstone jewelry is the perfect gift idea to make her feel loved and celebrate her presence in your life. Will she like it? Yes, she will!

Meaningful, Unique, and Personalized Gifts for Your Lovely Lady

Yes, She Loves You, But She Also Loves…

Is that special date on the way? Are you all done with finding the perfect gift for her, because it is difficult to impress her? If yes, then we have got you covered! Yes, it is a universal truth that a woman is the epitome of sacrifices, but she also loves “Self-love”. She loves to stay connected with herself and work on herself. 

From her name to her birth month, she always embraces her identity and loves to discover her inner connection. Here is the clue! Her jewelry shelf is already filled with elegant and stylish gold bracelets. This time, think out of the box which not only revamp her jewelry collection but also embrace her unique personality. And our birthstone jewelry is here for it.

Whether it’s Valentine's Day, an anniversary, a wedding, or a birthday, our birthstone jewelry adorned with her name will surely melt her heart. 

Thoughtfully crafted with 18k gold, our every piece is the epitome of classic elegance, captivating statement, and meaningful touch, making them an ideal gift for a wife, girlfriend, or fiancee. Transform the day into a memorable date with the allure of her birthstone and a flawless golden finish. Let her know “How much you love her and her personality”. Whenever she sees your gift, she will feel butterflies that tell her “ Love The Way You Are, You are Unique, You are Perfect”.  She will be impressed with your gifting skills. 

Birthstone Jewelry For Your Mother: Show She is Priceless For You

Imagine your mom saying “Wow, I love it” when she unwrapped the gift. Radiating timeless elegance, our 18k birthstone jewelry is the perfect way to appreciate your mom's role in your life and express your love and care for her. Whether it’s Mother’s Day or her birthday, mark the milestone with her sparkling birthstone perfectly curated on the golden jewelry. Enhance your relationship with her and make her day unforgettable!

Furthermore, we also have a stylish and vintage birthstone bracelet for grandma. From bar birthstone bracelets to Arabic theme birthstone earrings, you will find the meaningful gift for that great woman in your life, who also deserves the best -Your grandma. We bet after seeing this gift, her eyes will shine just like her gem.

People May Also Ask For Birthstone Jewelry 

Q1: How can I customize the birthstone bracelet for mom?

Ans: If you really want to bring a smile to your mom's face, consider customizing her birthstone bracelet with her initial, name, birth flower, or butterfly. Every mom loves her child, so you can also personalize the gift with both of your initials or names. 

Q2: Which is the best birthstone necklace for grandma?

Ans: Alphabet Birthstone Name Necklaces, initial birthstone necklaces, zodiac birthstone necklaces, and others are the perfect birthstone jewelry for Grandma that she will always remember.

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Get AED 200 Off on These Top Gold Arabic Name Necklaces - Perfect For You or Your Special One

Name Price Range
Arabic Letter Necklace Dhs 990
Huruf Necklace Dhs 1,210
Arabic Name Necklace Dhs 1,290
Arabic Birthstone Name Necklace Dhs 1,400
Gold Arabic Calligraphy Pendant Dhs 1,750
Arabic Initial Birthstone Necklace Dhs 2,100
Family Arabic Name Necklace Dhs 2,480
Ummy Necklace Dhs 1,780
Birth month Flower Arabic Necklace Dhs 1,530
Hamsa Necklace Dhs 1,600
Custom Arabic Necklace Varies

Customization for Extraordinary Moments

Personalized Birthstone Jewelry

Embrace the art of personalization for truly extraordinary moments. The Bespoke Collection allows you to craft a piece that reflects your individuality. Whether it's a custom-engraved pendant or a birthstone-adorned bracelet, create a jewelry masterpiece that mirrors your unique journey.

Birthstone Jewelry for Special Occasions

Offer her a gold Arabic Birthstone Name Necklace adorned with her birthstone. From birthdays to promotions, each piece is thoughtfully crafted to complement the joy and significance of the occasion. Celebrate every moment in style.

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