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Top Gifts For Pregnant Wife - Congrats! For your lil member who is on the way. This special moment is loaded with joy, excitement, and numerous adorable dreams. However, it can also be difficult for your “prego wife” as she will suffer from unpleasant symptoms such as morning sickness, pains, aches, lack of sleep, and yes, some crazy mood swings. So, please take care of her!

There are numerous ways to support your wife during her pregnancy and surprising her with a gift is also one of them. Feeling clueless?Struggling with gift questions? Or feeling all done with the search to find that one meaningful gift for your pregnant wife? We’ve got you covered! In this blog, we have curated a list of some of the top gifts for pregnant wife that will surely brighten her day and she will feel lucky to have you in her life.

Just a Gentle Note to All The Dad-to-be-Husbands Out Here…

As a reminder, it is one of the most special periods in your wife’s life that will gift her a new transition. So, she deserves a gift to mark this most-awaited milestone. Whether you choose a minimal gift, a luxury present, or something with a personalized touch, your gift should be from the heart. Trust us, she will remember and appreciate every gesture and effort that you put in to bring a smile to her face in her special and tough months.

Jot Down in Advance!

Top Gifts For Pregnant Wife That Will Surely Melt Her Day -

“Coz, It’s a Golden & Priceless Moment, So The Price Should Not Be A Big Deal”

Name of The Jewelry

Price Range (Dhs)

Initial Necklace 


Heart with Initial Bracelet


Double Initial Necklace


Double Initial Birthstone Bracelet


Mama Birthstone Name Bracelet


Baby Feet Necklace


Protection Necklace


Angel Wing Necklace

1,300 -1,550

Initial Hoop Earrings


Family Name Necklace


Ummy Necklace


Top Gifts For Pregnant Wife by Burst of Arabia 

“Where Each Gift is a Healthy Dose For Your Mom-to-be Wife, Baby, and Your Relationship”

1. Initial or Name Jewelry

Mark her transition with our Initial or name jewelry. Crafted with the finest 18k gold, our initial and name jewelry comes in various styles including simple initial pendants, lowercase bracelets, initial hoop earrings, name necklaces, and much more.

Personalize the gift with a butterfly or engraving her name on the bar bracelet to create a one-of-a-kind piece for her. Whether it’s her b’day, anniversary, or any festive occasion, this gift will make her day light up.

2. Double Initial Jewelry

Our double initial jewelry is also the perfect gift for your pregnant wife. Meticulously crafted with high-end 18k gold, our stunning double initial accessories including pendants and bracelets are the true definition of “unbreakable commitment”.

Gold Heart Letter Initial Necklace Personalized, designed and handcrafted in the UAE. Luxury anniversary, birthday, gratuation gift for her.

Consider personalizing the gift with heart, your and her initial to enhance your relationship. You can also choose the gemstone aligning with the baby’s birth month. Furthermore, it is also an ideal Valentine's gift for your pregnant wife to mark your never-ending love and celebrate a new beginning. Believe us, this gift will remain close to her heart.

3. Mama Bracelet

Mother, Mom, and Mumma are the three most beautiful words in the world. So, why not a gift for her that resembles the beauty of motherhood? Thoughtfully designed in Dubai, this stunning piece is crafted with pure gold and is the epitome of classic elegance and timeless beauty. Personalize this piece with her or baby’s birth month crystal to create a truly cherished keepsake.

Whether you are looking for a unique baby shower gift or just want to surprise your mom-to-be wife with something heart-melting, this gift will make her day unforgettable! Check out our Ummy Necklace also to celebrate the good news with Arabic cultural elegance and craftsmanship!

4. Baby Feet Necklace

Imagine her smile and tears of joy when she unwrapped an ethereal gift. Yes, it is possible with Burst of Arabia’s Baby Feet Necklace. This splendid piece is locally handcrafted in Dubai with talented artisans and attention to detail, featuring adorable baby feet.

Whether she is 3 months pregnant or in her third trimester, this gift is the perfect way to melt her heart, cheer her up, and say “ Our baby is lucky, coz his/her mother will be you”!

5. Family Necklace

When a woman becomes a mother, her husband and baby become her world. She thinks and cares about them, every time and anywhere she goes. If your wife is pregnant and you are looking for something truly special gift for her, our family necklace is here for it. Thoughtfully crafted with premium 18k gold, this gorgeous necklace is both classic and stylish.

Customized Gold Necklace - Symbol of Family Bonds and A Heartfelt Gift for Her

Personalize this piece with your, her, and your baby's name if you’ve already decided, and tell her you also love her as much as she does. Furthermore, you can also customize this necklace with her and two baby names, if you are expecting twins. Double-Trouble❌, Double- Happiness ✔.

6. Protection Necklace

During the pregnancy period, it is essential for the pregnant woman to stay positive and happy. Because her positive and chill attitude is good for her and her baby's health. So, if you want to surprise your pregnant wife with a meaningful present, don’t miss out on our protection necklace.

Arabian Hamsa Necklace Designed and handcrafted in the UAE. Delivers within 1 to 4 business days.  This beautiful and heartfelt gold necklace is locally handcrafted with the highest quality materials and artisans available in Dubai.

We offer a captivating range of protection necklaces including simple Hamsa necklaces, tiny evil eye pendants, and Hamsa necklaces with intricate details. Each piece serves as both a fashion statement and a guardian against negative energies. Whether it’s a memorable anniversary or her birthday, make sure to fill her day with love and positivity by gifting her a protection necklace.

Check out our angel wing necklace to celebrate the arrival news of your God-gifted angel 👼

Wrapping Up!

So that was the wrap of the Top Gifts For Pregnant Wife. Celebrating your pregnant wife with thoughtful gifts is a beautiful way to show your love and support during this special time. The top gifts for pregnant wives mentioned above are not only meaningful and heartfelt but also designed to bring joy, comfort, and appreciation to your wife. These listed gifts by Burst of Arabia will undoubtedly make her feel cherished and valued as she prepares to welcome your little one into the world.

People May Also Ask For The Top Gifts For Pregnant Wife

Q1: What are some thoughtful gift ideas for a pregnant wife?

Ans: Consider personalized jewelry such as initial necklaces or bracelets, symbolic pieces like a mama bracelet or baby feet necklace, or a protective necklace to show love and support during this special time.

Q2: Why should I choose personalized gifts for my pregnant wife?

Ans: Personalized gifts add a special touch by reflecting your efforts and love to celebrate her journey of motherhood. They serve as a reminder of the precious moments during pregnancy and can make her feel cherished and valued.

Q3: Can I wear gold jewelry during pregnancy?

Ans: Yes, you can wear the gold jewelry during your pregnancy. Burst of Arabia’s every piece is crafted with high-quality gold and attention to detail. Feel free to style yourself while admiring your pregnancy glow with our timeless golden jewelry.

They are comfortable, easy to wear, and remain gentle with your skin. Furthermore, gold also attracts positive energy and makes you feel positive all day long. Happy You Means Healthy baby, so go for it and make it yours on Burst of Arabia!