Gold Earrings Price in UAE 2024

Gold Earrings Price in UAE 2024

Gold Earrings Price in UAE 2024 - Gold earrings have the power to make you stand out in the crowd. Whether you choose rose gold or yellow gold, earrings make a gorgeous addition to your jewelry section. Not to mention, “ Earrings are women's most favourite jewelry companion”. Buying an ideal pair of earrings is an exciting feeling, especially in the UAE - the ultimate destination for stunning gold designs and a luxury shopping experience. 

The organized market, tax-free environment and competitive prices are the leading reasons why this land wins the hearts of uncountable gold admirers. Not only, the earrings add a finishing touch to our overall attire, but also they are the perfect gift idea to give your loved ones on a special day to add a statement to their personality and transform the day into a “Memorable date”. 

If you are looking for the Gold Earrings Price in the UAE, then look no further! Luckily, we, at, Burst of Arabia are here to put an end mark to your search. In this detailed exploration, we will break down everything you need to know about the Gold Earrings Price in UAE 2024. More to come!

Shop For Luxury Gold Earrings at the Best Prices in UAE | Burst of Arabia 

Welcome to Burst of Arabia - One-Stop Destination For Gold Lovers, Where Each Piece is the “Epitome of Luxury and Sophistication”. 

We are exceptionally renowned for offering a bespoke collection of Gold jewelry that exudes luxury and stylish vibes. From minimalist styles to personalized designs, each piece is designed with premium quality 18-carat Gold that blends phenomenally with timeless elegance and charisma. In sum, our splendid Gold jewelry is the ideal choice to flawlessly take your look from “fine” to “fabulous”!

Gold Earrings Price in UAE 2024 

From butterfly designs to Arabic themes, our gold earrings are comfortable and versatile. Whether it’s a coffee date, a night party, or a business event, our earrings can steal any day or event. Furthermore, if you are looking for a thoughtful gift for your Mum to honour her role this Mother’s Day, celebrate the special date of your sister or a wedding gift for your girl bestie, our exquisite range of gold jewelry including bracelets, necklaces, even earrings are the perfect choice to showcase your love and affection and make her day truly awesome and unforgettable! 

Gold Type 

Earrings Design 

Price Range (AED)


Mini - Butterfly



Birth-Month Butterfly



Alphabet Initial Letter



Arabic Initial 



Alphabet Name 



Arabic Name

1,700 -1,900


Arabic Calligraphy


How To Choose Your Perfect “Gold Pair” 

In fashion jewelry, the trend of minimalist and personalized “Gold earrings” is booming. They are versatile and can be easily styled with Western and ethnic attire. What’s more? They are both affordable and stylish!

Luckily, women have a dozen of earring options to choose from. However, on the flip side, picking the perfect pair of earrings from numerous options can also be a puzzling deal. But we are here for you! In this comprehensive guide, we will help you to find the perfect pair for your style!

Let’s dive in!

Choose quality 

Beauty is nothing without quality. While shopping for the gold earrings, pay attention to it’s weight and quality. Look for earrings crafted with the finest quality gold to preserve their appeal for a long time. Burst of Arabia offers an aesthetic range of gold earrings crafted with pure 18K gold, ensuring elegance that will remain evergreen for years to come.


Whether it’s minimalistic, affordable or ravishing, make sure the design you prefer is classic and timeless. Choose the earrings that fit well according to your personality. From hoop earrings to butterfly designs, Burst of Arabia each piece is designed with artistic details and radiates enchanting beauty that will never go out of trend. Our earrings will not only suit but also elevate your personality. In sum, We don't follow the trend, we create our own trend.

 Appropriate Length 

The length is also one of the most essential details in picking gold earrings. Choose the earrings with the appropriate length that fits well to your ear and complements your face structure. Burst of Arabia offers a stunning collection of gold earrings. From quality to length, every detail is meticulously chosen to craft a piece of art. The length of our earrings is the epitome of perfection and will flawlessly complement your facial features.

Consider Price & Budget

Your budget plays a pivotal role while shopping for gold earrings. Well, the price of the gold earrings varies on multiple factors including karat weight, quality, design, customer’s special requirements (Customization) and others. The heavier the weight and design, the higher the prices. But we recommend you not to compromise on the quality to save your money. Whether it’s luxury or compact, make sure you are investing in quality earrings that balance quality and affordability. 

Winding Up!

So that was a wrap of the Gold Earrings Price in UAE 2024. UAE is a fascinating home of alluring and masterpiece gold jewelry. Moreover, due to numerous online and offline gold stores in UAE, it can become challenging to find your perfect piece. We have also shared a worthy guide with you to ensure a valuable and worthy purchase.

Lastly, at Burst of Arabia, you can browse gorgeous gold jewelry with ethereal designs and reasonable prices. Check out our magnificent collection of gold earrings today! Who knows you may find the pair that you have been searching for and dreaming about! 😉

People May Also Ask For Gold Earrings Price in UAE 2024

Q1: What is the average Gold earrings price in UAE 2024?

Ans: The cost of gold earrings varies on several factors including the type of gold, design you are looking for, weight, purity of gold and others. Well, the estimated cost of gold earrings can go between AED 900 and AED 1,400.

Q2: What are the various gold earrings sold by your portal?

Ans: We, at, Burst of Arabia offer glamorous gold earrings (rose gold, white gold and yellow gold) in stunning designs including heart-shaped designs, hoops, threaders, butterflies, birthflower, Arabic and so on. Check and shop now!

Q3: What is special about rose gold?

Ans: Rose gold is a beautiful and versatile choice for all types of jewelry including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and others. It has timeless appeal and can remain durable for years. 

Q4: Are your gold earrings comfortable for daily wear?

Ans: Yes, our earrings are lightweight and super-comfortable for daily wear and slay all day long.